Daisy Dog Gets a New Dress

We love ordering custom-sewn dresses from WAGLER GIRLS! Part of the fun is to purchase a cute dress, but we don’t know who gets to wear it until it arrives. Altogether the crew has THREE bins worth of clothing, but WagerGirls dresses are special and we don’t interchange them. The dogs deserve to have SOME outfits that only theirs alone! Often when we purchase a dress, we don’t know which dog will receive the dress until it arrives. Size and color are important factors!

Daisy and Lily both look fabulous in red, but this particular dress was a bit bigger. Lily is a very slim pup, and Daisy, although very tiny still, is a bit more compactly built. It was clear that this dress was made for her!

#DaisyFact Before Daisy found us, she had been living outside in California without shelter from the weather.

This girl deserves to be pampered and spoiled for the rest of her life! She is incredibly sweet, and definitely not shy about sharing her thoughts and opinion with a pointed bark when she wants something. Be prepared to “awe” over this cute little rescue girl and her new red kissy dress!

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