Micro Mini Horses – Meet Latte the Falabella

Ponies are great. Ponies are cute. Ponies can sometimes be the devil. Shetlands have a reputation for being tiny little spitfires, and as a child who often rode naughty little shetlands, I can attest from personal experience that it's true. Small ponies, BIG personalities! But even Shetlands can't quite match the tiny little sass all …

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I Have Pee Pads In My Purse

Yes, I absolutely carry a potty pad in my purse because you never know where and when you may need that handy little contraption! I carry the normal dog-mom items as well such as poo bags and a travel water dish, but I also have an extra dog sweater or two, an “emergency” baggy of dog food, treats, disinfectant wipes, and a gel-bone which has once been mistaken by someone on the bus for an adult toy when it rolled out of my purse into the aisle.