Earthbath Pet – Our Favorite Shampoo

Lily Lou Who is the OG member of the Emerald Rescue Crew. For over four years, she was the only pet and she has adjusted so gracefully to a growing household of rescues. (She is also a rescue.) She always takes the “newbies” under her wing and helps them feel relaxed and secure.

Lily is a Chihuahua / Chinese Crested mix and she has super sensitive skin. We tried a variety of shampoos but they always made her skin red and itchy, and I felt SO guilty trying to give her baths only to end up irritating her skin even more. Even the prescription anti-allergy shampoo didn’t do the trick. I randomly picked up a product called EARTHBATH, specifically the oatmeal and aloe, hoping that it would maybe sooth her red skin a bit. It turned out to be the product that did the trick! It completely cleared up the red on her skin, she no longer itched herself, and she smells GREAT after a bath! Earthbath’s products are also CRUELTY FREE and contain no animal byproducts, all natural human-grade ingredients. They also donate to, and help financially support non-profit organizations so you can feel good about the product you’re purchasing on many levels.

Even though Lily is the crew member with particularly sensitive skin, we use this shampoo on all of the pups. It makes them smell clean and fresh for days after their baths! Who wants a house of stinky doggos? Not us. Thanks, Earthbath, for being awesome!

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