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“You have a pee pad in your purse… you’re such a DOG MOM!
Who is this crazy person with Chihuahuas in a stroller? Check out our intro blog to find out how this crew got together 🙂

If you have tiny dogs, you NEED this stroller! It’s great for elderly who can’t go on longer walks, it’s great for day trips, and it’s great for crappy weather! It’s not the cheapest item on our favs at $69.98 but it’s SO worth it!

Top 10 Favorite Picks – Cat Trees

Our dog crew is adorable and wonderful, but we don’t want to forget to showcase our kitty gang! Here is Queen Rue doing what she does best – judging her kingdom below from one of her cat trees. We love to show off super cute and AFFORDABLE products. Although this particular tree isn’t very affordable…

Meet Our New Foster, Snowy. She Wasn’t Spayed…

Meet our new foster, Snowy! This older girl is the SWEETEST maltese mix. She just wants to be with people. We don’t know much about her history. She came from an overcrowded shelter in California, and unfortunately she has FIVE mammary tumors that are getting removed today.