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“You have a pee pad in your purse… you’re such a DOG MOM!
Who is this crazy person with Chihuahuas in a stroller? Check out our intro blog to find out how this crew got together 🙂

OH EM GEE this Betop House Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier (airline approved!) is SO cute, stylish, and #BudgetBougie! Little Elle Woods absolutely LOVES it and we’ve already been all around town! Grab one for the chi that loves to be on the go with you and wants to look good in the process!

Meet Our New Foster, Snowy. She Wasn’t Spayed…

Meet our new foster, Snowy! This older girl is the SWEETEST maltese mix. She just wants to be with people. We don’t know much about her history. She came from an overcrowded shelter in California, and unfortunately she has FIVE mammary tumors that are getting removed today.

Rapunzel and Calliope

Since 2015, I’ve fostered a handful of different neonatal litters. Approximately two litters (or individual kittens / a pair of kittens) per year. I’m not an expert, but neonatal kittens are incredibly fragile and I’ve learned more about the care that they require from each and every kitten. Up until recently, I’d only ever lost one.A month …

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