Living The Ruff Life

Hello, Interwebs! We’re a crew of rescue angel babies living it up in Seattle and working to become petfluencers. We love to promote rescue, local shopping, and handmade pet gifts. Join us in our daily adventures as our mama spoils us rotten! We’re rescues, we deserve it! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!

“You have a pee pad in your purse… you’re such a MOM!”

Who is this crazy person with Chihuahuas in a stroller? Read our intro blog to find out how this crew got together 🙂

Foster Roster

Please check out available dogs at the rescues that we came from: 6 Dogrees Rescue, and Emerald City Pet RescueCurrent Fosters:

Chimmie Chimmie Chocolate’ (aka Coco)
This little girl is still very young but she’s been through a few homes. She came to the rescue recently due to her previous owner’s anxiety. She’s VERY sweet, but definitely in need of some confidence building. Luckily our crew welcomed her right away as they always do. She needs some TLC and vetting so she is not available for adoption yet, but keep an eye on our social media and we’ll make sure to let everyone know when that day comes! (Unless I foster fail…again…)

I’ve been fostering this special needs neonatal kitten, Calliope, since she was a literal newborn. She was born to a very young feral mom who birthed and dashed. She is one of three babies, but one died immediately after being born. Rapunzel, her sister, went into respiratory distress in the middle of the night and the ER was unable to resuscitate. Calliope has struggled with some mysterious symptoms; head and paw tremors (we have ruled out glucose and other potential causes), and milestone regression (she will be crawling and then suddenly be unable to use her front legs for up to two days, and she also lost her “suckle” reflex for a few days which was very scary. We suspect “wobbly cat syndrome” but that diagnosis has not been confirmed yet. She is precious and perfect and very loved.

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