The Emerald Rescue Crew are a group of rescue dogs, cats, and horses living their best lives in Seattle. Journey with the Crew as they explore the city and attend events, try new foods and products, and help other rescue pets find forever homes.

“You have a pee pad in your purse… you’re such a MOM!”

Who is this crazy person with Chihuahuas in a stroller? Read our intro blog to find out what this silly corner of the inter-webs is all about 🙂

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Foster Roster

Please check out available dogs at the rescues that we came from: 6 Dogrees Rescue, and Emerald City Pet RescueCurrent Fosters:

Meet Ellie! She is a four-year-old 3lb Chihuahua with a seizure condition. She is currently undergoing med trials to find out what will work to help keep her seizures under control. Once we feel confident that we are on the right track, she will be available for adoption in the Seattle area. In the meantime, please keep an eye on our Blog, Facebook, and Instagram for pictures, video stories, and updates on how she is doing!

Meet Baby Solo! This tiny angel came to us at only two days old. A mama cat had babies on someone’s porch and then moved them, but left this little one behind. When she was brought in she had already gone several hours without food so she needed nourishment right away, but she had no suckle reflex. We began feeding her with a syringe and then she came home with us. The survival rate of neonatal kittens so young is very unpredictable, but I’ve been up with her every two hours around the clock and she is still doing well. If she continues to do well, she will be vetted when she’s of weaning-age and then she will be able to find a forever home! (Photo is at 2.5 weeks old.)