Top 10 Favorite Picks – Cat Trees

Our dog crew is adorable and wonderful, but we don’t want to forget to showcase our kitty gang! Here is Queen Rue doing what she does best – judging her kingdom below from one of her cat trees. We love to show off super cute and AFFORDABLE products. Although this particular tree isn’t very affordable (it was a gift!), we found some SUPER cute ones that have a more reasonable price tag to show you instead.
Cat trees are super essential for your feline friends. They provide a great outlet for your cat to receive exercise and relieve stress. The different heights and perches on these trees are great for climbing, stretching, and allowing your cat to stay active. My cats also love being able to get away from the chaos of the dogs so that they can relax and observe.
Additionally, some of these trees can be very astatically pleasing and they can pair great with a wide range of decor. Amazon friends, grab one for your kittie(s) today!

Queen Rue – judging. Always judging.

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