Sponsor a pet in need for the Holidays – Gift Ideas for Pets!

I am blessed in so many ways to be able to work for a rescue that has vast resources. If an animal can be saved, we go to the ends of the earth for them. While I regularly bring home fosters, I can’t bring home every dog that we take into the rescue, and even with our great foster network, not all animals in our care are able to go into a foster home. We are blessed to have a wonderful facility and very passionate and caring staff that ensure that the animals are as comfortable and stress-free as possible, but it’s still not a home.

I know that not everyone who cares about animals is in a position to foster or adopt, but this season, please consider a donation to your local rescue or shelter, or consider sponsoring an animal for the holidays for the rescues and shelters that have “Santa Drop” sponsorship programs.

We love to fill stockings for each and every one of the rescue pets so that our animal care staff who generously work on the holidays can have some extra joy giving these gifts of toys, treats, brand new soft beds, fluffy warm blankets, and more to each animal.

For ideas on what types of gifts to donate to pets in need, check out our list.


  • Condo beds (the small plush ones that we talked about)
  • Catnip toys
  • Cardboard cat scratchers – the rectangular ones we use in the condos & fun shapes
  • Cat tunnels
  • Toy mice / crinkly balls / bell balls
  • Cat litter (pellets)
  • Food:
    • BFF – OMG Love Munchkin
    • BFF – OMG Crazy 4 U

Large Dogs:

Small Dogs:

  • Zippy Paws (toy in toy)
  • Small squeaky toys – like Fluff & Tuff
  • Kong small Wubba
  • Treats
    • Mulo
    • Droodles
  • Benebones
  • Pawtect waterproof blankets
  • Rover Rest beds
  • Quiet Time small beds

Have a great holiday season!

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