Rescue Wednesdays

Rescue Wednesday : Adopt Remi!

Hello, fur-iends! It’s #RescueWednesday here at the Emerald Rescue Crew and we want to tell you all about our pal, Remi! He is a four-year-old male Maltese / Havenese / Poodle mix. Look at his big, lovable eyes!

We really love Remi but he doesn’t quite share the love. He’d rather be a solo-pet in your home to soak up all of the love without competition. We get it, we get it. He wants to be the star of the show.

Remi does well with structure, such as three walks a day around the same time as a daily routine. He needs a semi-active person who can meet his energy-needs, and if you’re a homeowner, a fully fenced yard that he can safely play in (only under direct supervision.) Remi is friendly, smart, knows basic commands, and he will dance for treats and/or affection.

Like all of us, Remi is not without quirks! He is not the best sharer with toys and treats (he missed that lesson in Kindergarden!) and in the past he has nipped if startled from behind or if someone he doesn’t know very well tried to pick him up. Can you blame him? I don’t want a stranger picking me up, either! 🙂 6 FEET APART, GUYS! Social distancing is important.

Remi does require an experienced adopter who has owned or worked with quirky dogs before, and his adopter should be willing to seek further training to help Remi continue to gain confidence so that he can reach his full potential of greatness. He does warm up to women faster than men… he charms the ladies!

Remi is neutered and fully up to date on vaccinations. If you’re in the Seattle are and you’re interested in welcoming this fella into your home as a life-long companion, please apply at 

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.23.09 PM

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