Treat Thursdays

We <3 Himalayan Dog Chews!

Mom says that it’s important during these times to support local businesses. As long as I get AWESOME chewies out of the deal, I’m in! Today, I’m trying out Himalayan Dog Chews (by Himalayan Pet Supply) sold at Emerald City Pet Supplies where some of my siblings came from. They have a pet store in the Sodo area and right now they’re offering curbside pick-up! The COOLEST thing about these chewies is that when I chew most of it and it’s too small to be safe, your paw-rent can soak it in water for 5 minutes, then put it in the microwave for 45 seconds. It expands into a WHOLE NEW TREAT! It’s MAGIC! Mom is happy because chewing on it will keep me and my siblings occupied while she works. I’m happy because it’s SO TASTY, everyone wins! Go pick some up today. Not only is Emerald City Pet Supplies a local business, but all the proceeds go right into the rescue to help save more pets. What are you waiting for? 🙂


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