I Have Pee Pads In My Purse

“You have a pee pad in your purse… you’re such a MOM!”

It was a dark and stormy night. I’m just kidding. It was actually a mundane, semi-cloudy morning with a greyish sky and the potential of rain, like most winter mornings in Seattle. I arrived at work as usual. I hung up my coat and my purse before getting the “chosen ones” settled at my desk. I then grabbed my necessary cup of coffee, sat down in my chair, and clocked in for the day. If I have any of the super tiny chihuahuas with me, I always put down a potty pad for them because they’re divas who don’t like to pee outside if the ground is cold or wet. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a battle of wills with a chihuahua. The best that you can hope for is an agreeable compromise. I seamlessly pulled the potty pad out of my purse like it was a normal everyday activity, which it is for me, and it didn’t occur to me just how “mom” I had truly become until my co-worker busted out a giggle and proceeded to tease me with the quote above.

My co-worker is right, I’m such a MOM! While I do not have any Homosapien children who walk upright on two legs, my days are quite filled in every way by the idiosyncrasies that I’ve adapted as I’ve ventured into Dog Mom Life. Yes, I absolutely carry a potty pad in my purse because you never know where and when you may need that handy little contraption! I carry the normal dog-mom items as well such as poo bags and a travel water dish, but I also have an extra dog sweater or two, an “emergency” baggy of dog food, treats, disinfectant wipes, and a gel-bone which has once been mistaken by someone on the bus for an adult toy when it rolled out of my purse into the aisle.

Last week I took three “teacup” chihuahuas to work with me, and since literally none of them will walk cooperatively on a leash for more than half a block, I brought them to work in a pink dog stroller. On a city bus. Both ways.

Why start a dog-mom blog, you ask? (You probably didn’t ask, but I feel compelled to share this heartwarming lightbulb moment with you anyway.) Last week, the same day that I brought three little chihuahuas to work with me, I found myself dealing with a stressful situation. I stepped away from my desk for a breath of fresh air, but something caused me to turn around and look back at the little chihuahuas who were snuggled up in dog beds and blankets. I turned to my coworker, let out a contented breath, and exclaimed, “You know, they just bring me so much joy.” I’m not going to lie to any of you, the dogs can be a lot of hard work. On a weekly basis, I’m shouting things like, “Did I just step in dog pee… WITH MY SOCK?” (Often, fosters that I bring home are not potty trained. This is a true test of anyone’s patience!) “Who crapped on the couch?!?” “Did you really just lick your sister’s vulva and then kiss me on the face?” People that don’t work in rescue definitely side-eye me for how much I’ve chosen to take on. I spent a large chunk of every single morning, and every single evening cleaning my home, and walking dogs. I never have quite enough time to myself. It takes me longer to read a book, and it certainly takes me longer to write one! I haven’t published a new book in almost two years. Oops! (I’m working on it, though, for those who keep bugging me about the fourth installment of my series! Hold your horses! Seriously. Hold them. Loose horses can be dangerous.) Every dog always seems to need something. I often feel like I’m about to go crazy. And yet, I have never felt more fulfilled. When the dogs are settled for the night and my head hits the pillow, I’ve not only survived the day, but I’ve truly lived it.

My dogs truly bring me joy, and one of the things I’ve been lucky enough to discover as I’ve ventured on this journey is that they bring a lot of joy to other people as well. My dogs attend work-sponsored visits to senior centers and community centers. They sometimes make appearances at local events or help children learn about humane education and how to properly and respectfully interact with dogs. I always have at least one foster dog, and I’m always humbled by helping them on their journey toward finding forever homes of their own. I’ll share the humor of being a dog-mom on this blog, but I also want to share the heartfelt moments as well. Take a journey with us as we live our lives as a crazy pet mom and her crew of furry friends in the Seattle area.

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